Nick Mwaluko





… who is pleased to be part of astikos. 


1. What would you call home?
     a. a town?
     b. a city or a specific area within a city?
     c. a common language?
     d. a continent?
     e. an appartement?

Answer: mix of d and c. With the common language creating a continent, as oppose to the other way around. Basis for the linguistic structure would be pain shared through whatever we communicate so we form community through vulnerability.

2. Do you have a sense of humor when you are on your own?

Answer: HA! Yup. I make fun of myself ALLLLL the time!

3. Do you want to live forever?

Answer: This is a tough question … Seriously, any deep answer is pretentious and anything shallow is false. This is such a tough question, f’real.

Wir sind astikos

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